Dental Clinic Ronda

Dental Clinic Ronda

We are a Dental Clinic Ronda focused on improving the oral health of all our patients and solving their dental problems most efficiently and effectively.

In our dental clinic in Ronda, we offer high-quality dental services from the hand of Dr. Claudia Vargas. There you will find a large number of dentistry specialties to cover all your needs, regardless of the complexity of the case.

The clinic has all the necessary equipment to perform any type of procedure, from simple dental restorations to implants and orthodontic treatment with Invisalign. Moreover, the use of modern technologies allows us to guarantee the satisfaction of each of our patients and the success of the treatments.

We also have modern facilities and dental chairs to ensure the comfort of each patient.

Furthermore, one of our staff’s main traits is the quality of their service, having the best disposition to answer any questions you may have.

Dental Clinic Ronda

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    Dental Clinic Ronda

    Dental Clinic Ronda

    Dental Clinic Ronda

    Ronda dental clinic location

    Our clinic is located on Ronda Carrera Espinel 40, inside the El Corralillo Shopping Center, a small shopping center on the edge of a narrow pedestrian street full of life and stores, such as coffee shops and clothing stores.

    You can find us on the first floor, inside office number 11, where our staff will gladly assist you. Although the shopping center does not have a parking lot, you can find one just 70 meters (76 yards) away in Plaza del Socorro.

    After parking, you must walk south, where you will find the Casa Ortega restaurant on the corner.

    Afterward, cross to the left towards Carrera Espinel, and you will find the shopping center a few meters ahead.

    Dental Clinic Ronda

    Ronda dental clinic hours

    Currently, our clinic is not opening every day. This is because Dr. Claudia Vargas is also in charge of the dental clinic in Marbella, leaving Thursdays as the only working day available. Thereby, it is essential to make an appointment to ensure availability at the desired time.

    Meanwhile, we possess the following hours for consultation and treatments:

    • Tuesday: Closed
    • Wednesday: Closed
    • Thursday: Cerrado
    • Jueves: 10:00 – 17:00
    • Friday: Closed
    • Saturday: Closed
    • Sunday: Closed
    Dental Clinic in Ronda

    All consultations and treatments are made by appointment.

    You can acquire yours through a phone call or from the appointments section of our website. Moreover, if you need more information about our working hours and appointment availability, our staff can answer your questions by phone.
    or contact.

    Dental emergency in Ronda

    Dental emergencies can occur even if you have the best oral care possible.

    Therefore, our clinic in Ronda offers an emergency service that covers a wide range of scenarios, regardless of the type of dental emergency or severity of the pain you may have.

    To request an emergency appointment, you must fill out the form with your name, telephone number, and a brief description of the problem.

    Afterward, you will be assigned an emergency appointment immediately on the earliest date.

    During the appointment, every necessary study is performed, including a thorough clinical evaluation and radiographic examinations of the affected tooth or injured area.

    After achieving an accurate diagnosis, the appropriate treatment is performed.

    Usually, emergency treatments consist of removing the dental pulp to eliminate the pain immediately, or performing a tooth extraction. However, on many occasions, as in some cases of fractures, performing a restoration is enough to alleviate the pain and solve the issue.

    Both Dr. Claudia Vargas and the clinic staff will make sure to solve your dental problems while being friendly and attentive.

    Dental Clinic Ronda

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    Dental Clinic Ronda