The coronavirus or Covid-19 and the dental clinic

  • First you will have to make an appointment.
  • We will make you a specific questionnaire related to COVID 19.
  • Once you have your appointment, you will have to arrive on time and preferably without companions.
  • We recommend that you bring masks and that when you enter the center, you disinfect your hands with hydroalcoholic gel.
  • Also all surfaces, from computers, touchscreens, tables and doorknobs, they follow a strict disinfection protocol, as we have always done.
  • The center staff will ensure that you do not match any patient.
  • Once in the office, you will verify that your dentist will take the protection measures that he has been taking until now and will have individual protection equipment according to the treatment you are going to undergo..
  • In your case you can feel just as comfortable.
  • When you leave don’t forget to say goodbye to your dentist with a big smile, keeping the safety distance.

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