How is teeth whitening performed?

Clinical and radiographic evaluation

As with any other procedure, the dentist must perform a thorough clinical and radiographic evaluation to determine the state of health and whether it is feasible to perform whitening, we hope this article on how to perform teeth whitening, can help you make a decision.

This is because not everyone is a good candidate for this procedure. Bleaching is not capable of altering the color of pre-existing restorations in the mouth. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that there are no resins, veneers or crowns in any visible area of the smile, as this would produce unfavorable esthetic results.

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How is teeth whitening performed?

Dental cleaning

After determining that the procedure is feasible, the dentist performs a dental cleaning. In this way, dental calculus that may exist around the teeth and possible food debris are completely removed.

Also, the teeth are polished using a special brush placed in the dentist’s handpiece in combination with prophylactic paste, leaving them ready to receive whitening. This is a very important point when it comes to knowing how a dental whitening is performed, if you have any doubts please contact us.

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How is teeth whitening performed?

Color selection

Using a shade guide where you can see the different shades of the teeth, you determine the tooth color prior to treatment and choose the color you want to obtain afterwards.

This helps to have an idea about the possible results that will be produced, and to give the patient realistic expectations about the color their teeth will have.

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Gingival barrier placement

Before applying the whitening gel, it is essential to place a protective barrier around the teeth.

Bleaching agents exert a caustic effect on the gums and various soft tissues of the mouth. Therefore, the dentist places a protective barrier that ensures that the whitening gel does not come into contact with any tissue other than tooth enamel.

This barrier consists of a special gel that is placed on the neck of the teeth following the contour of the gum. Once in place, it is hardened by a powerful LED light.

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How is teeth whitening performed?

Placement of the whitening gel

Once the gums are protected, the dentist can place the whitening gel directly on the teeth. This gel solution has an active compound, usually hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, which is responsible for lightening the color of the teeth.

The stipulated time that the bleaching gel must be left to act for the procedure to be successful is determined by the manufacturer. However, it is usually between 30-90 minutes. On the other hand, sometimes it is necessary to perform more than one session to achieve the desired tone.

Finally, teeth whitening is a simple procedure that will help you improve the appearance of your teeth. Just visit your dentist for an evaluation to make sure you are a good candidate for this treatment and after a few hours you will be able to see the results and smile with confidence.

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