Aesthetics has become an essential factor in daily life, our smile is our letter of introduction

We have various treatments focusing on improving the look of our teeth and therefore granting us greater self confidence. We perform a personalized study through which we can change the shape, position, size and colour of the teeth.


Professional dental whitening is an aesthetic treatment which accomplishes and improvement in the colour of the teeth. In our clinics we use the only whitening system with nano-hydroxyapatite developed by scientists who aimed to whiten and remineralize the enamel, thus decreasing dental sensitivity.
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One of the most sought after treatments within the aesthetics sector are veneers. They are very thin micrometric prostheses which we adhere to the teeth with the goal of changing the shape or colour depending on the necessities of the patient, we will decide the option which is most recommendable for their case, porcelain or aesthetic composite.

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Rehabilitation of one or more teeth through porcelain/zirconia crown or covers.

Within prosthesis there is a variety of options:

  • Fixed prostheses
  • Removable prostheses
  • Implant-supported prostheses

Dental clinic


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