Endodontics encompasses prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the dental pulp. This intervention is performed to try to preserve a tooth that would otherwise have to be extracted..

In both of our clinics we use rotatory and mechanical apparatus for the cleaning of the dental ducts and on top of a variety of technology with the goal of succeeding in the procedure with as little discomfort to the pacietn as possible.

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What is endodontics?

Endodontics is the dentistry branch that is in charge of preventing tooth infections. It is done by cleaning and disinfecting the root canals after the dental pulp suffers irreversible damage.

Its chief purpose is to diagnose and treat dental pulp’s affections, to be able to keep a tooth in the mouth while preventing the need for extraction.

Whether it is due to caries or trauma, once the dental pulp suffers heavy damage, there may be the need to remove it, as leaving it inside the tooth can create an infection in the mouth.

What are the root canals and the dental pulp?

Inside every tooth exists some pathways that go from the tip of the roots to a big chamber inside the tooth crown. This place is called the pulp chamber, and the pathways are known as root canals.

Inside these structures reside the dental pulp, which is a soft tissue filled with tiny blood vessels and nerves.

The pulp function is to provide the teeth with the necessary nutrients to stay healthy. Furthermore, it also allows the teeth to feel different sensations such as cold and heat.

It is essential to understand that the pulp is a sensitive tissue and gets swollen with ease in the presence of certain lesions such as caries.

Usually, the inflammation subsides after treating the cause. However, if the stimuli are too strong, the pulp affection can be more severe, producing irreversible damage in which the pulp inflammation won’t get better even after eliminating the cause.

What is pulpitis?

Pulpitis is the term used to refer to dental pulp inflammation. It is the one responsible for toothaches.

Once the inflammation becomes irreversible, it can only progress into pulp necrosis, which means the death of the pulp.

Now, when the pulp dies, a decomposition process begins. It produces bacterial contamination that eventually evolves into an infection or an abscess.


How does endodontics work?

The dentist performs a procedure called root canal treatment.

In this procedure, the dentist opens a hole in the tooth to gain access to the pulp chamber and remove the pulp. Afterward, the root canals are disinfected to prevent bacteria leftovers from causing an infection.

Then, the root canals are filled with a specialized material called Gutta Percha. This material prevents mouth bacteria from migrating into the bone through the canals. Therefore, preventing infections and allowing to retain the tooth in the mouth.


However, before filling with Gutta Percha, it is necessary to widen the root canals using a specialized endodontic file. It allows for proper fitting and hermetic sealing.

Once the root canal treatment is finished, the hole made to access the pulp chamber is sealed, and a dental restoration is performed. It can be done using composite, an Onlay restoration, or a crown.

Latest technology on Endodontics

In our clinic, we use the best and latest technology to perform root canal treatments more quickly and efficiently.

We use rotary systems to ease the cleaning and widening of the canals. Moreover, we also count on apex locators and microscopes to achieve better precision, guaranteeing our patients’ comfort and the success of each treatment.

How to know if I need root canal treatment?

There’s a wide variety of symptoms that will help you figure it out, such as:

  • Spontaneous severe pain without an apparent cause
  • Dental abscess
  • Extensive caries
  • Extensive dental fracture
  • Teeth that turned dark

It is essential to understand that sharp pain is not always a synonym of root canal treatment. Only the dentist, after a thorough evaluation, can get the appropriate diagnosis.

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