Pediatric dentistry is responsible for the prevention and treatment of oral pathologies in child patients.

Early diagnosis is very important to limit the damage, avoid invasive treatments and enhance preventive ones.

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Pediatric dentistry

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Pediatric dentistry

What is pediatric dentistry?

As the name suggests, pediatric dentistry is a branch of dentistry that specializes in attending pediatric patients, meaning young children and babies.

Pediatric dentistry

Pediatric dentists possess a vast number of didactic techniques for children’s adaptation. It ensures that their first experiences with the dentists are pleasant and not stressful.

The pediatric dentist is trained to solve any clinical situation manifesting in the children attending the consultation.

What does a pediatric dentist do?

They are in charge of keeping children’s oral health in optimal conditions. To do so, they perform different procedures according to the lesion and needs of the patient, such as:

Pediatric dentistry
  • Caries removal and fillings
  • Endodontic treatments (pulpotomy)
  • Interceptive orthodontics
  • Primary teeth extractions
  • Fluoride topical applications

Pediatric dentists are not only in charge of performing cleanings and fillings in children. One of their main roles is educating about oral hygiene and preventing oral issues.

They are trained to foment good oral hygiene habits in children from an early age to prevent caries and tooth loss. Moreover, they can even guide parents and offer them a large amount of information regarding their children’s oral care.

It is essential to understand that a child’s oral care should begin when they are born and not after their first primary teeth erupt.

Therefore, an early visit to the pediatric dentist can give you all the tools to ensure your children’s good oral health.

Furthermore, thanks to their training in children’s behavior management, pediatric dentists also have the ability to treat adult patients suffering from different mental illnesses and conditions, such as Asperger’s, Down syndrome, autism, and many more.

Pediatric dentistry

What's the difference between a general dentist?

A child’s mouth is different from an adult. As children are growing up, their mouths are undergoing constant changes and possess certain different characteristics.

The pediatric dentist possesses vast knowledge about this and has all the tools required to solve any problem. Whether it is related to caries or dental eruption, a pediatric dentist can solve any issues promptly to decrease the impact the lesion could have on the child’s oral health in the future.

What is interceptive orthodontics?

It is a treatment that uses removable appliances to help move the children’s teeth in the correct position.

As the bone is less dense during childhood, it is easier to mold it and change the teeth’ position during early ages. Therefore, interceptive orthodontics manages to fix or alleviate dental malpositions. This way, the orthodontic case as an adult won’t be as complex, and the treatment will be quicker.

Interceptive orthodontics can also be used to stimulate maxilla bone growth to prevent teeth crowding and break some well-known bad oral habits, such as lips biting or thumb sucking.

Pediatric dentistry
Pediatric dentistry

Endodontics in children

Endodontic treatments on primary teeth are a bit different than on permanent teeth. However, it serves the same purpose of preventing tooth extraction. On children’s primary teeth, the endodontic treatment performed is called pulpotomy, often referred to as baby root canal. In this procedure, only the dental pulp at the pulp chamber is removed, leaving the one inside the roots intact.

Pediatric dentistry

Although primary teeth will be eventually replaced by their permanent counterparts, it is essential to prevent extracting them earlier than supposed. This is because losing a tooth prematurely will interfere with the dental eruption, altering both the eruption times and the position the permanent teeth will have.

Make sure that your children have the best oral health possible. Visit us at our clinics, and we’ll ensure that they achieve a healthy smile.


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