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Dental surgery


Also referred to as exodontia, it is a surgeon’s routine procedure where a tooth is removed from the mouth due to caries, infections, trauma, or orthodontic reasons.

Nowadays, tooth extractions are performed painlessly, thanks to the improvement of anesthetic techniques.

Dental surgery

Depending on the complexity, the surgeon can opt to perform a tooth extraction or a flap surgery.

  • Tooth extraction: As its name suggests, this procedure consists in extracting the tooth in the simplest way possible. After anesthesia, specialized instruments called forceps and elevators or luxators are used to lose the tooth and remove it.
  • Flap surgery: Also called surgical tooth extraction, is a procedure performed when the tooth is too weakened or possesses little remaining structure due to caries or fractures. This surgery consists of making an incision on the gums to lift a flap, gaining better access and support on the tooth.
  • This type of surgery is also performed to extract retained third molars inside the bone or third molars that could not fully erupt.t.

Dental surgery

Regenerative surgeries

These types of procedures have the objective of restoring missing bone so the patient can undergo oral rehabilitation.

When a dental loss occurs, the natural reaction of the body is to begin a bone resorption process. It results in a bone with an unequal border and shape that could interfere with the treatment with dentures or the safe placement of implants.

Dental surgery

Now, the bone is incapable of completely regenerating and going back to its original state on its own. However, we count on different surgical techniques and biomaterials that help restore the bone to an optimal state, leaving it ready for the dentists to successfully achieve oral rehabilitation.

Some of the most common procedures are bone grafts, which consists of placing healthy bone on the area with the defect, or the use of PRP (platelet-rich plasma) after surgery to boost the quality of bone and gums healing and regeneration.

Dental surgery

Mucogingival surgeries

These surgical procedures are aimed to correct defects on the gums and soft tissues surrounding the teeth.

One of the most common soft tissue lesions is receding gums. They are characterized by the retraction of the gums that produces dental root exposure, creating an aesthetic defect that can also help develop dental sensitivity.

Dental surgery

Fortunately, to treat this type of lesion, we count on different surgical techniques that help restore gums to their ideal position. We also apply hyaluronic acid to rejuvenate the gums and treat defects.

On the other hand, another recurring condition is the gingival smile, in which more gum than what is considered aesthetically pleasant is shown when smiling. This defect can be solved with a procedure called gingivoplasty, which consists of removing and reshaping the excess gums surrounding the teeth, giving them a larger and more aesthetic appearance.

Gingivectomy can be performed by traditional methods using a scalp or by contemporary options such as with a laser or electro-scalp.

It doesn’t matter the type of surgery you require, book an appointment today, and you can rest assured that you won’t feel any discomfort.


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