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We are available to attend and solve any dental emergency you may have, providing you with comfort and peace of mind by working quickly and accurately.

Even with the best care and impeccable oral hygiene, it is possible to suffer an accident that results in a dental emergency.

Dental emergencies are all those problems that require prompt or immediate attention, generally presenting with painful symptoms. However, sometimes, dental urgencies can be painless but still pose an issue that could cause serious damage to the integrity of the tooth or the treatment. Therefore, these situations also require emergency treatment or a prompt solution.

The most common dental emergencies are the endodontic ones, in which the dental pulp is seriously damaged. This causes severe pain and, in some cases, symptoms such as fever and malaise. However, there are other dental emergencies, such as problems with prosthetic restorations or the need for immediate dental extractions.

Urgencia dental Marbella

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    What happens during a dental emergency?

    The dentist assesses the case thoroughly through a clinical and radiographic examination and brief questioning to obtain all pertinent information.

    Among the required data are:

    • Chronology and details of the injury or discomfort
    • The severity of the pain
    • The location of the pain
    • The properties of pain (diffuse, radiated, spontaneous, etc.)
    • Medications taken to reduce discomfort

    Once the necessary information has been compiled, the dentist can get an accurate diagnosis and immediately perform the emergency treatment according to the case characteristics and the type of lesion at hand.

    Types of emergencies

    There are different types of emergencies, such as:

    Endodontic emergencies

    They generally occur when the dental pulp is severely damaged due to an injury, causing acute pain, usually spontaneous.

    These emergencies are treated through a procedure called pulpectomy, which consists of removing the dental nerve. Therefore, eliminating pain instantly. However, this treatment is only to eliminate pain, and a root canal will be necessary afterward to keep the tooth.

    It is essential to understand that toothache is not always treated this way. Sometimes a restoration is enough to relieve pain. Though, only the dentist can discern which treatment option must be indicated through an evaluation.

    Dental emergency Marbella

    Urgencia dental Marbella

    Dental emergency Marbella


    Trauma can cause dental fractures, producing severe pain or sensitivity and affecting the dental pulp.

    In these cases, the dentist evaluates the extent of the fracture and the pulp condition to determine the appropriate treatment. This can be either a restoration if the pulp is in good condition, a root canal treatment followed by a restoration if the pulp is compromised, or extraction if the fracture is extensive and the tooth cannot be restored in any way.

    However, severe trauma involving maxillary or jaw bone fractures must be treated at the hospital by a specialist.

    Urgencia dental Marbella

    Emergency tooth extraction

    Sometimes the teeth cannot be treated with a root canal or restoration as they have extensive lesions that could also be associated with grave infections, causing pain and intraoral or extraoral inflammation.

    When this happens, the dentist takes an X-ray and performs the tooth extraction immediately. Furthermore, antibiotics and analgesics may be prescribed depending on the case characteristics.

    Dental emergency Marbella

    Urgencia dental Marbella

    Dental emergency Marbella

    Prostheses emergencies

    Prosthetic emergencies are usually painless. However, leaving them unattended can cause grave damages.

    The most common is the dislodgement of the provisional crown, which leaves the tooth unprotected against fractures and decay. Another frequent emergency is the loosening of the screw that fixes the crown to the implant. This can damage both the crown and the implant. However, it can be easily solved by removing the cover and re-screwing the screw.

    Dental emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere. Make sure to contact us, and we will alleviate your pain.

    How can it be otherwise if you have doubts, get in touch contact, we are in Marbella and in  Ronda where we will attend to any dental emergency you may need.