Marbella dental emergency

At Claudia Vargas Clinic in Marbella, we are ready to treat and solve any dental emergency, providing you with comfort and calm, acting with speed and accuracy.

Even if you maintain optimal oral hygiene and take all the necessary precautions, an accident can still trigger a dental emergency in Marbella.

Dental emergencies in Marbella include all those oral problems that need a quick intervention, often accompanied by pain. However, there are times when dental emergencies are asymptomatic, but represent a problem that could cause serious damage to the tooth or interfere with dental treatment. Therefore, these situations also require emergency treatment or an immediate solution.

Endodontic emergencies are the most frequent dental emergencies, where the dental pulp is seriously damaged, causing acute pain and sometimes even symptoms such as fever and general malaise. However, in Marbella we treat other types of dental emergencies, such as problems with prosthetic restorations or the need for immediate dental extractions.

Marbella dental emergency

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    What happens during a dental emergency?

    The dentist evaluates the case thoroughly by means of a clinical and radiographic examination and a brief interrogation to obtain all pertinent information.

    Among the required data are:

    • Chronology and data of the injury or discomfort
    • Severity of pain
    • The location of the pain
    • Properties of pain (diffuse, radiating, spontaneous, etc.)
    • Medications consumed to reduce discomfort

    Once the necessary information has been compiled, the dentist can get an accurate diagnosis and immediately perform the emergency treatment according to the case characteristics and the type of lesion at hand.

    Marbella dental emergency

    Urgencias dentales en Marbella

    Types of dental emergencies

    There are different types of emergencies. The most common are:

    Endodontic emergencies

    Generally, they occur when the dental pulp is severely affected due to some injury, causing acute and usually spontaneous pain.

    These emergencies are treated by a procedure called pulpectomy, which consists of removing the dental nerve, eliminating the pain instantly. However, this treatment is only to eliminate the pain, after which a root canal treatment is necessary.

    It is essential to understand that painful teeth are not always treated in this way. Occasionally, performing a restoration or replacing a defective restoration is sufficient to relieve the pain. However, only the dentist can discern which option is indicated by means of an evaluation.

    Dental emergency Marbella
    Dental emergency Marbella


    Trauma can cause dental fractures, generating great pain or sensitivity and affecting the dental pulp.

    In these cases, the dentist evaluates the extent of the fracture and the condition of the pulp to determine the treatment to be followed. This can be a restoration, if the pulp is in good condition; a root canal and restoration, if the pulp is compromised; or extraction, if the fracture is very extensive.

    Emergency extractions

    Sometimes teeth cannot be restored because they have extensive lesions and are associated with infections, producing intraoral or extraoral pain and inflammation.

    When this occurs, the dentist takes an x-ray and performs the immediate tooth extraction painlessly under local or general anesthesia.

    Dental emergency Marbella
    Dental emergency Marbella

    Prosthetic emergencies

    Prosthetic emergencies are generally painless. However, not taking care of them can cause great damage to oral tissues.

    The most common is the dislodging of the provisional crown, leaving the tooth unprotected against fractures and caries, followed by the loosening of the screw that fixes the crown to the implant. This emergency can be treated quickly by removing the cover and screwing the screw back in.

    Dental emergencies can occur anytime, anywhere. Be sure to contact us and we will ease your pain.

    Marbella dental emergency

    As it can not be otherwise if you have questions please contact us, we are in Marbella and Ronda where we will attend to any dental emergency you may need.