What do Europeans think of their teeth?


There are many cultures in the world with different beliefs and opinions. These can differ from each other when we compare our opinions and live with other people or cultural groups. However, most large population groups share the view that your teeth and oral care is important.

Currently, some studies have been published that collect information on what Europeans really think of their teeth. These studies have helped to better understand popular opinion regarding oral health in order to design awareness and prevention campaigns based on their opinions.

In this article, we will talk about what Europeans think about their teeth, and what it means for them to be free of cavities.

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What Europeans think of their teeth

Multiple factors to consider

In the aforementioned studies, it was found that Europeans do not only consider oral health and having healthy teeth without cavities when they think about their teeth. In general, most consider other crucial aspects related to their teeth, such as the economic and social aspects.

Most Europeans take into great consideration various aspects associated with having healthy teeth. In fact, approximately 89% of them believe that regular care with visits to the dentist and preventive treatments against cavities not only improve their general health, but also reduce treatment costs.

Therefore, having teeth without cavities means that they will not have to incur extensive expenses in expensive treatments such as implants or dental prostheses, paying a low price to alleviate the financial burden.

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What Europeans think of their teeth

Finance and aesthetics

Taking into account the importance of the monetary factor, it is estimated that 75% of Europeans invest less than 10 euros per month in oral hygiene products such as toothbrushes, pastes and mouthwashes. However, they spend an average of €40 on a variety of beauty products, including teeth whitening products to use at home.

Despite the fact that 81% of Europeans believe that good oral hygiene is essential to maintain good health, they often stop going to the dentist due to the high costs that the consultation can have. In fact, in Spain, 25% of people decide not to go to the dentist for this reason, being a more frequent cause than fear of pain or treatments.

However, more than a third of Europeans would be willing to pay pre-set fees of €20 or more in order to ensure access to professional dental care at any time.

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The reality of dental care

Only 60% of Europeans brush their teeth twice a day. A low percentage considering that the vast majority of them agree that good oral hygiene is important and want to improve their health condition. In Spain, only 53% of the population attends a dental consultation once a year.

On the other hand, for the average European, having decay-free teeth means good health and fewer expenses to face, as well as boosting their self-esteem and helping them feel more comfortable in social situations.

However, despite their desire to achieve better oral health, a high percentage of the population does not take enough preventive measures to prevent the development of cavities. Although one of the causes of this is due to the costs of dental visits, there are those who would be willing to pay a monthly fee in order to have better access to dental services to achieve their goal of improving their oral health.

Despite the correct perception of oral care and oral hygiene, it is important to visit the dentist regularly to ensure adequate care. Schedule an appointment with us to protect your teeth and leave them free of cavities.

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