Benefits of Orthodontics

How orthodontics corrects dental malpositions and enhances esthetics.

Orthodontics not only addresses esthetic problems, but also improves dental function. This branch of dentistry specializes in correcting malpositions, ensuring a harmonious smile.

To achieve these results, orthodontists employ advanced tools. From traditional metal brackets to modern aligners, known as invisible orthodontics, there are options for everyone.

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How does orthodontics work?

Although orthodontic systems may look different, they all start from the same principle and work in the same way. Tooth movement is achieved by constantly applying pressure on the tooth to bring it into the desired position.

To achieve successful results, the orthodontist performs a thorough examination of the oral cavity through dental impressions, clinical evaluation and various radiographic examinations.

This allows you to know what will be the best strategy to follow, and to have an organized plan that guarantees the success of the treatment.

Why use orthodontics?

Although the main concern is usually esthetics, there are a number of negative repercussions caused by dental malpositions and malocclusions, such as:


Malpositions, such as dental crowding, can hinder proper oral hygiene. This favors the appearance of dental calculus and diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis.


As with gingivitis, difficulty in achieving proper oral hygiene can lead to the development of caries, especially between teeth.

Musculoskeletal disorders

Malocclusions can generate an imbalance in the bite. This may be reflected as muscle pain or injury to the jaw joint.

For this reason, having an aligned smile not only improves esthetics, it also improves oral health.


Fixed orthodontics

This type of orthodontics can only be placed and removed by the professional. This is the traditional orthodontic system, where movements are achieved by means of brackets cemented to the surface of the teeth.

This system is the most widely used, and allows complex movements, making it the ideal option for cases of severe malocclusions.

Fortunately, we have aesthetic solutions for the undesirable metallic color of brackets, such as ceramic brackets, which are tooth-colored, or lingual orthodontics, which are placed on the inside of the teeth.


Invisible orthodontics

Invisible orthodontics refers to the use of clear aligners to correct malocclusions. These splints go unnoticed during treatment and can be placed and removed freely by the patient.

This treatment consists of using a series of aligners in sequential order for a determined period of time. Each aligner will move the teeth slightly until the desired result is achieved.

The planning and fabrication of the aligners is carried out using digital technology, which allows the final result to be viewed on a computer before starting treatment using ClinCheck software.

We work with Invisalign

In our clinic, we work with the Invisalign system, which was the first of the modern aligners and has proven to be the most efficient and effective.


Interceptive orthodontics

We use removable appliances in children to help achieve proper craniofacial harmony. These orthodontic appliances can be placed and removed freely by the patient.

In addition, they promote the development of the maxillary bone to avoid dental crowding.

They help move the teeth into a more favorable position, which may avoid the need for fixed orthodontics in adolescence or adulthood, or decrease the severity of the case, thus making future treatment shorter.

Additionally, these appliances can also be used to prevent parafunctional habits such as thumb sucking or lip biting, which, if left unchecked, can cause skeletal deformities such as deep palate and anterior open bite.

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