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Dental surgery


Exodontics is the term used in dentistry to refer to the extraction of teeth, whether due to decay, infection, trauma or orthodontic reasons.

Unfortunately, it is one of the procedures that is performed routinely in the consultation.

Today, they are performed painlessly thanks to advances in anesthesia techniques.

Depending on the complexity of the case, the surgeon may choose to perform a simple or a flap extraction.

  • Simple extraction: As its name indicates, these extractions are performed in a simple way. After the area is anesthetized, special instruments called forceps and elevators are used to loosen the tooth so it can be extracted.
  • Flap extraction: Sometimes the tooth to be extracted is very weak or has little remaining tooth structure due to cavities or fractures. In these situations, it is necessary to perform a flap, which consists of making an incision in the gum to achieve better access and support on the tooth.
  • This type of surgery is also used to extract wisdom teeth that are retained in the bone or that have not been able to fully erupt.
Dental surgery

regenerative surgeries

This type of procedure aims to restore lost bone in order to perform oral rehabilitation.

When tooth loss occurs, the body’s natural reaction is a process of bone resorption. This results in a bone with uneven edges that can prevent the correct construction of a denture or the placement of dental implants.

For one thing, the bone is unable to fully regenerate and return to its original state on its own. However, we have different surgical techniques and biomaterials that help return the bone to an optimal state for rehabilitation.

Among them, we have bone grafts, which consist of placing healthy bone in the area of the defect, or the use of PRP (platelet-rich plasma) after surgery to improve the quality of bone and gum regeneration.

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Mucogingival surgery

These surgical procedures are aimed at correcting defects in the gums and soft tissues that surround the tooth.

One of the most common alterations are gingival recessions. In this type of injury, the gums recede and produce root exposure, creating an aesthetic defect that, in turn, can cause tooth sensitivity.

Fortunately, we have different surgical techniques to treat this type of injury and help return the gum to its ideal position. Also, we have the use of hyaluronic acid to rejuvenate the gums and treat anatomical defects.

In addition to recessions, another recurring condition is gummy smile, in which a large amount of gum is seen on the teeth when smiling. This defect can be fixed by a procedure called gingivoplasty.

In this procedure, the excess gum that covers the neck of the tooth is removed to give them a longer and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Gingivoplasty can be performed by the traditional method, using a scalpel, or with alternative methods such as a laser or an electrocautery.

Regardless of the type of surgery you need, schedule your appointment today, and you can be sure that you will not feel any discomfort.


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